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Auto Filler F103A
Auto Filler F103A

Intelligent Weigh Filler F103A with High Precision and Efficiency

F103A is an auto matic weigh filler, its self-optimizing controls can be precisely configured to your specific material flow, speed and accuracy requirements.

  • Auto Filler F103A
  • Auto Filler F103A
  • Auto Filler F103A

Industrial Design

● Module design with standard flange interface

● Stepping Motor for feeding control with intelligent auto adjustment

● Embedded USB for exporting data and system upgrading

● Superior packaging controller

● S304 stainless steel for food contacting materials of the machine

User-friendly Design

● 10-inch touch screen

● Easy and fast installation

Well-organized data management

● Motor parameters: an interface can simultaneously display the motor status and parameters

● All definitions of each port can be intuitively selected


GM Bagging Scale Dimension


GM Bagging Scale Dimension