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GM Website Update -- Adding Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish Pages for Better User Experience

Publicado: 2020-06-09 Artículo fuente:


General Measure is always striving to provide the user friendly experience to our clients, not only through products, but also during daily service. What we are current doing is to add pages of 3 more different languages in our web for clients who speak Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish.

For visiting website easily and better understanding our company and products, multilingual web pages give an opportunity to display information more clear. We are looking to cooperate with the weighing company as our partners in South America, considering the language barrier, we updated our web with Spanish and Portuguese pages, which helps to open the local market. As well, creating Turkish web page is to follow the user habits of Turkey market. The updated GM website make it more accessible to provide online service.

General Measures Profile:

General Measure is s trusted weighing instruments and equipment provider, who has 27-year experience in weighing industry with R&D, manufacturing and sales team. We focus on design and manufacturing weighing indicator, transmitter, remote display, checkweigher and bag filler. Currently, we have 12 partners globally. GM offers OEM and ODM service. We are looking forward to cooperate with more weighing companies all over the world.