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GMT-P1 Set Point Demonstration

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Welcome to General Measure's channel. Today's topic is GMT-P1 set point demonstration. In the industrial production process, it is necessary to control the equipment according to the weight in some circumstances. At this point, when using GMT-P1, we can use the set point to help to realize the control function.


Follow the video or follow the GMT-P1's user manual chapter 4.4 Set Point, we can set the relevant parameter of set point from P1.1 to P1.5. Please refer to the video for detailed steps.


To sum up,

①There are 3 conditions for set point signal output: stable condition, delay time, and condition of validity. The signal will be output only after all the selected conditions are set and satisfied.

②If the delay time is set, the timer starts from the last valid state. If the timing is completed in advance, it will immediately signal after waiting for other conditions to be met. If other conditions are met first, the signal will be output after the timing is completed.

③If more set points are needed to set, we can follow the above step to set relevant parameters.

④If the switch input function of the set point is defined, the state at set point 1 will become an invalid output state when the switch signal is valid. So the current displaying weight needs to be kept in a range that does not meet the set point conditions.


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