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GM9907-L Firmware Upgrade Instruction – By USB

Published: 2019-08-15 Article source: 本站

1.  Create a new "GM9907-L2"or"GM9907-LD" (depend on which software embedded in GM9907) folder in the USB;

Save the file named “” into this folder;

Plug the USB into the port of GM9907, There is a “System Tips” windows popping up on the main screen automatically, showing “Update Firmware” and “Change Logo screen”.

Picture1: System Tips Window


2.    Choose "Update Firmware" and click “Enter” below. Then the system will be under upgrading and the window shows "Loading file, please wait. Do not power-off or disconnect USB device". After that, a progress bar will appear. When the progress bar finished, the controller will be automatically restarted. The upgrade is completed, which takes about 55 seconds.

As follows:

Picture2: System Tips Window2