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The Calibration and Testing Method of Analog Output

Publicado: 2021-01-27 Artículo fuente:


In general, analog output of weighing indicator will be calibrated and tested at the factory. When abnormal analog output is detected, we can calibrate to correct the analog output.


So, in this video, we illustrated how to calibrate and test the analog output of weighing indicator, taking GMT-P1 as an example.


The equipment we need to prepare:

  1. GMT-P1 COM Version
  2. Multimeter
  3. Simulator and wires


There are 3 steps for calibrating and testing the analog output


  1. First, set the parameter of analog output
  2. Second, calibrate the analog output
  3. Third, verify the calibration


Please pay attention four points of analog output should be all calibrated. Now, please check the video for detailed analog output calibration and testing method.