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M04 for Bagging Machine Applied by our Poland Client

Published: 2019-12-23 Article source: 本站

M04 as OIML approval weighing indicator, can be used in bagging machine for many application. Our Poland Client has applied this weighing controller to their feeds bagging machine and stably operated over a year.



Recently this client share us a video link:

which shows the application of bagging feeds in 30kg within 3s per feeding. The feedback was also provided to say our M04 has been running with fast speed and great accuracy. The efficient and robust performance satisfied clients well. Please check this video link for more detailed information.

General Measure’s M04 Weighing Controller with single or double hopper is obtained OIML approval certificate. There are several options that you can choose to tailor your business.


Various Software Options


● Bagging scale

● Bulk scale

● Liquid filling

● Batching