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The Calibration and Testing Method of Analog Output

In general, analog output of weighing indicator will be calibrated and tested at the factory. When abnormal analog output is detected, we can calibrate to correct the analog output.

So, in this video, we illustrated how to calibrate and test the analog output of weighing indicator, taking GMT-P1 as an example.

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The Calibration Method of GMT-P1

GMT-P1, a basic weighing transmitter was launched last month, which can be used in variety industrial field. Its calibration without weights makes calibration process more convenient and efficient.

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Second Generation Intelligent Bag Filler

General Measure Intelligent Bag Filler is upgrading for better performance.

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Superb Stable Measuring GMT-P1 -- Free Sample Testing Apply

Free sample testing application of GMT-P1 has been opened globally.

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Recognition Mr. Gurbuz Arici -- General Measure’s Partner in Turkey

Great sales achievement in Turkish market 2020 by Mr. Gurbuz Arici, with General Measure global expansion strategy - exclusive partnership.

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Troubleshooting of Indicator Communication

To facilitate troubleshooting of indicator communication, GM has recorded a technical video as reference.