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Important Core Part of Granular Packing Machine -- Weight Filler from General Measure

Published: 2022-05-10 Article source:


General Measure was established in 1993 and has focused on weighing packing controllers for over 25 years. Considering the mechanical design can better match the control system, we started to invest in designing and manufacturing the core part of the granular packing machine -- weight filler.


GM specializes in weighing and packing control systems, designing, and manufacturing in-house. So we can fully control the quality of every part of the production and the performance of final products.


General Measure developed 4 different weighing range fillers for free-flowing granules. With a servo motor, the feeding control can auto-adjust fast and accurately. Inner feeders are made of SS304 and the whole machine can be customized to SS304. Due to the module design, it can be installed and disassembled easily. Optional 10-inch color touch screen HMI simplifies the operation for clients.


AF-05K and AF-10K work by means of gravity feeding combined with vibrator feeding, which can reach the accuracy of ±2g. The speed is up to 1200pcs/h. AF-25K and AF-50K are designed for big bag packing. The speed can reach 900pcs/h.