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Why Weight Controller is Significant for a Packing Machine

Published: 2022-01-05 Article source:


A weight controller is a core of a packing machine. It controls the packing weight, speed, accuracy, clamp and loosen bag, and so on. The most important part is speed and accuracy, which affect the performance of the packing machine.


However, to some extent, the speed is limited by the mechanical design. Thus, the double hopper packing machine can fasten the speed and increase efficiency. Correspondingly, the algorithm of the dual hopper packing controller determines the feeding and discharging process, which affects the packing speed.


Besides, imagining one packing production line can complete 1000 packs per day. If every bag overloads 1g, it will be 1kg wasted. If it is under-load, the brand fame will be damaged. So the control system takes a significant role in the whole packing process.


General Measure has launched a new weight controller GMC-P7 for packing application. It has a single hopper and double hoppers selection, suitable for different equipment. The full metal case provides better EMC protection and screen protection. A 3mm front panel with a rubber seal strip makes GMC-P7 fit the control box well, which improves the sealing and dust-proof performance. Superior MCU with quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 is used for fast images and data processing. 500mA over-current protection is added for the IO port.


Moreover, multiple software can be selected for different equipment: single hopper packing machine; double hopper packing machine; reduce weight method packing machine; bulk scale and batching scale.


General Measure is devoted to providing robust products for packaging machine manufacturers and automation companies.