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Strategic Cooperation Built with New Distributor Lak Rays

Published: 2019-06-03 Article source: 本站


Last Week, Mr. Wickramasinghe visited General Measure’s factory which is located in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. Mr. Wick is from Lak Rays Private Limited in Sri-Lanka. This was his first time to visit a Chinese brand and factory. We were very pleased to show him our production line of weighing indictor, checkweigher and auto filler. During the visit, our client not only can see the manufacturing process but also try the product in the test real environment, which was very impressive. Additionally, we brought him to one of our client’s factory that is a rice mill, where he can understand vividly how the auto filler works in the rice industry.


After the visiting, he told us, although General Measure’s factory currently was just a temporary one, he still can see our rigorous standards and well-organized orders, from which he believed our products have the highest qualification and long last duration. He was very excited to proceed the future cooperation with us and bring General Measure’s weighing technology back to his country.