Case Study

ChexGo 60kg Checkweigher Built in an Automatic Packing Line

Yay覺nlanan: 2021-06-07 Kaynak makale:


General Measure’s ChexGo Series Checkweigher CW-60K was built in an automatic packing line with an automatic packing machine at the front and a robot arm at the end.

In the food industry, it is the standard to recheck the weight after the bagging process. For enhancing the efficiency and save the budget, our checkweigher was installed at the end of the production line, collaborating with the automatic packing machine and robot arm, for double-checking the weight of packaging rice. Thus, the underweight and the overweight rice packs will be rejected. Meanwhile, a million data entries are recorded including serial number, time, and result for admin to check errors. The result can be good feedback to the packing machine for adjusting the packing weight and increase the accuracy.


Currently, GM’s checkweighers are running effectively and stably in the rice mill. Clients are satisfied with our products and service.