Case Study

General Measure ChexGo Checkweigher in Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

Published: 2023-02-24 Article source:


General Measure’s ChexGo series check weighers have various scales covering 1g to 60kg. The small weighing range check weighers are usually used in the food and pharmaceutical industry for products with boxes, bags, bottles, etc. Different types of rejectors are available to select, such as air blow, push type, swing arms, and so on.


The weighing range of CW-100G check weigher is from 1g to 500g. The accuracy can reach ±0.1g. CW-600g check weigher can weigh 10g to 600g. The accuracy can be ±0.5g. Check the video to see the small weighing range check weigher's application in the food and pharmaceutical industry.


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