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Company News

General Measure Won 2022 Weighing Review Awards

General Measure won the 2022 Weighing Review Awards through voting in:  
1. Best Weighing Companies Second Place(1st: Mettler Toledo, 2nd: General Measure);
2. Best Weighing Instrumentation GMC-P7;
3. Best Checkweighers CW-100G

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Metrology in Digital Era | General Measure Weighing in Digitalization

The organization of BIPM and OIML announced the theme of 2022 World Metrology Day is Metrology in Digital Era.

In this context, General Measure combines digital technologies into the practical applications of industrial weighing to bring convenience to customers.

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Important Core Part of Granular Packing Machine -- Weight Filler from General Measure

GM specializes in weighing and packing control systems, designing, and manufacturing in-house. So we can fully control the quality of every part of the production and the performance of final products.

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General Measure New Video of Weighing Controller GMC-P7

General Measure launched the wall/desk mount weighing controller GMC-P7 with stainless steel housing case, which can perform stably in harsh industrial environments.


It is designed for dynamic weighing applications: single hopper packing machine; double hopper packing machine; reduce weight method packing machine; bulk scale and batching scale.

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General Measure Offers Complimentary Sample Testing for Weighing Indicator GMT-P1

General Measure launched the wall/desk mount weighing indicator GMT-P1 with stainless steel housing case. We are pleased to offer free sample testing. Check the video to learn more about GMT-P1. Feel free to contact us for your free sample testing. 

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The OFL Troubleshooting for weighing transmitter GMT-P1

In this article, we are going to share the weighing indicator OFL troubleshooting method.

Four main Causes for OFL:

1. Calibration error

2. Load cell install or wiring error

3. Overload or signal output below the zero point

4. Load cell or weighing indicator AD failure