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Configuration and Monitoring Weasy-APP of Mobile for General Measure Weighing Transmitter GMT-X1

Published: 2021-06-30 Article source:


General Measure weighing transmitter GMT-X1, a DIN rail mounted weighing transmitter for industrial automation, can be used in various industrial fields, such as chemical, concrete, and bitumen mixing, metallurgy smelting, lithium battery, feeds, etc.


Through Bluetooth, GMT-X1 can connect to a mobile app called Weasy (available for android systems) for configuration and monitoring. After the weighing transmitter installed on the spot, we need to do the calibration first. But in some fields, the weight scale is far away from the weighing transmitter. To save time and energy, we can use Weasy-app to calibrate the GMT-X1 and make sure it works properly. Moreover, when there is something wrong with the connection between PLC and weighing transmitters, we don’t need to check the weighing transmitter one by one. Just opening weasy-app to check the parameters comparing to PLC, we can easily find out which weighing transmitter is setting error and simply correct it. In this case, the production process won’t be delayed too long. Learn more about how to configure GMT-X1 by Weasy-App through the video.


Highlight Features´╝Ü

• Stainless steel case with a compact design

• Different configuration choice with a variety of combination

• Standard: RS485+RS485/RS232(selectable)

Option1: 3 input 5 output or 3 input 4 output(relay)

Option2: RS485+16bit Analog or 2 input 4 output

Option3: Modbus TCP or Ethernet/IP or Profinet

(Option1,2,3 can be selected at the same time)

• Calibration without weights

• Printer function