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Foxconn Case - M02 application on Force

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Foxconn is a high-tech group specializing in the production of electronic 3C products and semiconductor equipment. It is well-known as the world's largest manufacturer. Force process is an indispensable part in the production of electronic consumer goods. General Measure's universal indicator M02 is used in the force process for Foxconn's electronic products.


The Multiple Force Application of M02 in Foxconn Production

After the screen installation of the mobile phone, tablet, and computer, the maximum and minimum value of the force on the screen should be tested and recorded to ensure the quality of the products.

The keyboard and mouse of the computer also need the force process to make sure the type and click strength of each button after the assembly is completed, which can guarantee that all the button meet the quality standard by ergonomic design to achieve the most comfortable using state.

The insertion and extraction of plug ports of the smart phone, tablet and computer should be tested for better user experience when using the products.



The Application of M02 in Force Process

No matter it is the force test on the screen, keyboard, mouse, or the insertion and extraction for plug ports, M02 can accurately and quickly catch the force value perceived from the load cell, then convert it into weight data and display it on the indicator. Whilst the weight signal will be transmitted to the external control system. The control system performs the corresponding action based on the received signal, such as stop pressure, collect peaks, and so on. Through the collection and transmission of weight data during the force process by M02, the whole force process can be controlled precisely, eventually ensuring the product quality.


The Advantage of M02

• Display function for checking the weight data in real time.

• Real-time data transmission

• High precision, up to 1/100000

• Fast response, up to 960 times / sec

• High product stability


Every year, nearly 5,000 M02 operate stably on the production line of Foxconn's electronics products. General Measure's weighing indicator M02, to some extent, give the support for the products quality assurance of Foxconn.