Case Study

MUYANG FAMSUN Case -- GM8802F for Industrial Automation

Publicado: 2019-08-23 Artículo fuente: 本站


Since 2010, General Measure and the MUYANG Group have started to cooperate. Every year, there are over a thousand pieces GM8802-F operating on MUYANG’s field for feeding process. Relied on the good performance and high stability of our indicators, General Measure's products and brands are highly recognized by customers and end users.


GM8802-F is widely used in agricultural and animal automated feed batching systems. During the production process of feeds, it is necessary to mix various raw materials by a certain proportion of weight. In the past, the factories used the flow meter or volume specific gravity method or the mechanical weighing instrument to measure the formula. Not only the process control could not be guaranteed, but the measurement accuracy was low. Moreover it was greatly affected by the environment and temperature. Whilst The GM8802-F can collect and transmit all weight data to the PLC to perform precise batching control by specific ratio. Therefore, the feeding accuracy can be guaranteed for reducing losses.



At present, there are two kinds of installation methods for the application of GM8802-F in the feed industry. It can be directly installed in the batching site to reduce the interference to precision due to the long-distance transfer process. The other way is to install all the indicators in the central control room. In this case, the feed matching weights are concentrated to be presented clearly, which is convenient for workers to operate efficiently and monitor data in real time.




The Advantages of GM8802-F

 • High stability, Low repair rate, Annual repair rate lower than 0.5%

 • Super anti-interference ability

 • High accuracy


With nearly 10 years of cooperation between General Measure and MUYANG, thousands of GM8802-F are used every year in the End users’ fields, such as WENS Group and COFCO feeds. The endorsement for General Measure’s products by our clients and end users has made our brand stand out among many weighing manufacturers and become the most trusted industrial weighing brand.