Case Study

High Speed Check Weigher from GM in Pharmaceutical Industry -- up to 280pcs/min

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As we know, checkweigher is vital in packaging quality control for many industries, especially the food and pharmaceutical industries, which can ensure the interests of both manufacturers and consumers are protected. For instance, in the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers should comply with the national regulations and guarantee the products with accurate material and ingredients.


Recently, a China famous pharmaceutical manufacturer has applied two different scales of GM check weighers, one CW-100G (Weighing Range:5-100g), another CW-600G (Weighing Range:5-600g), to fulfill the different weighing scale requirements. In this case, CW-100G was applied in pill case checking, which ensures completeness. The accuracy is within ±0.2g, the speed can reach up to 280pcs/min. And CW-600G with airblow rejector is within ±0.5g, the speed can reach up to 250pcs/min.


As the check weigher applied in manufacturing process, it helps to:


1. Improve accuracy and Assure Completeness

It is very significant to double-check the medicine's weight accurately. The substandard case will be rejected from the process line to ensure the pill’s completeness and quality. The accuracy of our check weigher in the 100g weight range is within ±0.2g which can fulfill the most application in small weighing range.


2. Meet regulatory obligations

The pharmaceutical industry is closely bound up with people’s health, which needs to strictly carry out national regulatory obligations. Thus, it is indispensable to integrate a check weigher for each production line.


3. Provide easy integration in any production line

The check weigher in different weight scale can easily integrate to different production line based on product’s weight and dimension. It can also be easily cleaned which is possible due to the removable assemblage. Our check weighers provide clear and easy-to-use operator functions. The panel comes with a high-visibility 10-inch TFT screen along with graphic user interface and attractive touch-screen. 


4. Offer key digital functions

 For statistics purpose, the check weigher can storage 1,000,000-pcs weight value and offers USB export or printout ready, which is convenient for data analysis and management.


GM check weighers come with multiple features and at competitive price. Investing in check weigher will help you improve quality and profits of your business. To know more about our check weighers, contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist you.