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GMT-P1 Won the Best Weighing Instrumentation on Weighing Review 2021

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General Measure weighing transmitter GMT-P1 won the Best Weighing Instrumentation on Weighing Review Award 2021.

The GMT-P1 is an OIML approved panel-mounted weighing transmitter that offers advanced vibration filtering and tested ability to perform stably under the interference of harsh industrial environments. It is customized for dynamic weighing systems with a high demand for reliability, response speed, and accuracy.

  1. OIML approval;
  2. With second-generation vibration cancellation filter;
  3. Calibration without weights by loadcell sensitivity;
  4. Standard RS232 and RS485 selectable by the switch;
  5. Selectable A/D sampling 30/60/120/240/480/960 times/sec.;
  6. Compact design for ideally mounting into the control panel;
  7. Can be applied for various applications, such as chemicals, feeds, rubber and plastics, lithium battery, and so on.