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Explore General Measure EMC Lab

Published: 2023-07-18 Article source:


General Measure has two EMC labs, one is in Shenzhen, and one is in Zhuzhou. Today we will explore the GM's EMC lab that is located in the Zhuzhou factory. EMC lab is crucial for instruments manufacture to improve efficiency and stability.
Let's take a look~

1, First is the electrostatic discharge simulator: it is mainly used to test if the electronic equipment can work properly 
when it's under external electrostatic discharge interference. It can evaluate the anti-interference ability of a single device or a system.

2, Then look at the surge generator: it can generate high voltage pulses to simulate the surge phenomenon 
for testing the endurance capacity of the power system.

3, And take a look at the voltage sag generator: it is for examining the anti-interference ability of equipment or system when facing 
voltage dips, short-term interruptions, or voltage variation.

4、Finally comes to the conducted immunity generator: the purpose is to examine the ability of a single device or system 
to resist conductive disturbance.

General Measure's weighing instruments are developed under such a sophisticated test environment.