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General Measure 5 Types of Load Cell

Published: 2022-09-12 Article source:


General Measure robust and well-designed load cells are coming to the market. 5 different types of load cells are suitable for your different applications.


  1. S type Load Cell
  2. Single Point Load Cell
  3. Bending Load Cell
  4. Shear Beam Load Cell
  5. Canister Load Cell

1. S type Load Cell 

The weighing capacity is from 100kg to 5000kg, which is usually used for crane scales, belt scales, and batching silos. It can fulfill a wide range of industries that require precise measurements, avoiding product waste and saving costs.


2. Single-point Load Cell

The weighing capacity of the single point load cell is from 50kg to 1000kg, which is suitable for platform scales and belt scales.


3/4. Bending/Beam Load Cell

The weighing capacity of the bending/beam load cell is from 10kg to 25000kg, which is normally applied in platform scales, floor scales, hopper scales, silo scales, and batching scales. Some of them have the overload stop function, as well as self-restoring due to pendulum bearing.


5. Canister Load Cell

The weighing capacity is from 10000kg to 50000kg for large capacity weighing situations, such as truck/tank scale, railway scale, and so on.


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