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General Measure Promises Quality and Safety

Published: 2020-02-14 Article source: 本站

Since 10th of Feb, General Measure’s factory has started to gradually resume production under the guidance of government. However, by the Coronavirus impact, there are many factories couldn’t operate properly in China recently.



As taken client’s demand as the priority, with the help of the local government, GM has put back to operation and production step by step. Although there are the shortage of man power at this moment, we still highly concern the product’s quality as well as the safety. Thus, we put more efforts on pre-delivery inspection and packaging process. Every piece of component will be checked and each function will be tested. Before the final package, the product will be mopped by ethanol for disinfection. All the process is to ensure the high quality and safety of products. 



The factory routine for safety:

1. All the factory workers ware the mask.

2. Disinfecting the workshops every 2 hours

3. Mopping every product by ethanol



To guarantee the quality and safety of the products positively impacts the client’s project. General Measure always cares clients and their business goal.

General Measure is proud to work and grow with you!