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Girl Power in General Measure

Published: 2023-03-07 Article source:


With the development of the society, female are in various industries. Even an industrial manufacturing enterprise, like General Measure, there are many excellent female colleagues in different departments.


In the R&D dept., we can see the product testing girl tests the functions of weighing indicator to ensure its functionality for better integrating into the market.


In the production dept., female colleagues who are meticulous, always adhere to high quality production standards, laying a solid foundation for the quality of General Measure’s products.


In the sales dept., there is only one girl. She successfully developed new markets due to her intelligence and excellent communication skills, which achieved the business growth for GM.


In the marketing dept., the marketing girls shape the brand image and implement various marketing activities to enhance the exposure of General Measure products in the market and build up the brand reputation.


In the customer service dept., we can hear the pleasant voice every day: "Hello, this is General Measure, how can I help you". The customer service girls are committed to bringing good experience to customers with their professional service.


In the internal service dept., hr girls are responsible for recruitment, training, performance management and logistic support, providing the company with comprehensive human resources support; Then look at the financial girls, they are proficient in financial knowledge and business processes, providing the company with reliable financial support and security.


The efforts of female colleagues have not only brought business growth to the company, but also added strength into the company's cultural development. Here, we appeal for respects to every female colleague. Thank you for your works for General Measure.


Let's wish all females have unlimited possibilities, to choose the life you love, to chase the future you want. General Measure looks forward to creating a better future together with females.