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How to Connect the Loadcell with Weighing Indicator

Published: 2021-04-15 Article source:


In this video, the engineer has demonstrated the wiring rules of connecting loadcell and weighing indicators.


Generally, there are two types of loadcell, one is a 4-wire loadcell with SHL, another is a 6-wire loadcell with SHL. Taken weighing indicator GMT-X1 with 5 loadcell connecting ports, and GM9907 with 7 loadcell connecting ports as an example, no matter which types of loadcell can be connected to both weighing indicators, but the wiring rules need to be followed.


  1. The loadcell's EX+ and EX- should be connected to indicator's EX+ and EX-.
  2. The loadcell's SIG+ and SIG- should be connected to indicator's SIG+ and SIG-.
  3. The loadcell's SHL connected to the indicator's SHL. (If there is no SHL, we can just leave it.)
  4. As for SN+ and SN-, there are 4 situations to be distinguished:
    1. 6-wire loadcell connects to GMT-X1 with 7 ports, we just connect them accordingly.
    2. 4-wire loadcell connects to GMT-X1, we need to separate a wire from EX+ of loadcell and then joint this wire to SN+ of the loadcell terminal, separate a wire from EX- of loadcell and joint this wire to SN- of loadcell terminal, and then plug loadcell terminal into the indicator.
    3. 4-wire loadcell connects to GM9907 with 5 ports, we just connect them accordingly.
    4. 6-wire loadcell connects to GM9907, we should connect loadcell SN+ and SN- to the terminal of EX+ and EX- respectively. Then, the loadcell terminal can be plugged into the indicator.


Besides, how we can make sure the weighing indicator with loadcell can be worked properly, please check the video for more details.