Case Study

General Measure Small Scale Check Weigher Applied for Eye Drop Pack’s Weight Checking

Published: 2022-02-10 Article source:


General Measure's CW-100G check weighers were applied in the pharmaceutical industry for checking the Eye drop packs and pills packs.


For eye drop packs application:

An Eye drop pack (10g) is liquid-filled by a filling machine that sometimes causes underweight or overweight packs by filling pressure. CW-100G check weighers are installed at the end of the packing line to check the weight of each eye drop pack and reject the Non-compliant products(deviation>1g).


For pills packs application:

For pills packs, check weigher can ensure every pack with right numbers of pills by weights. In this application, the pill pack is 20g, the accuracy is ±0.4g. The speed can be set up to 180pcs/min.