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Do You Want To Reduce The Loss During Production by GM ChexGo Checkweighers

Published: 2022-06-29 Article source:


Do you know how much cost you can save from the production waste or labor? General Measure ChexGo series checkweigher can help you save the labor cost, reduce the loss from production waste and increase production efficiency by automatically checking the weight of products and rejecting unqualified ones to protect brand reputation.


General Measure's checkweighers can easily replace the labor to build in the production line for automatically checking the weights of products. The automatic feedback system of checkweigher can send every checked product weight as pulse signals to the packing machine through the IO ports. With the advanced algorithm and automatic control system, each pack's weight's accuracy will be improved to reduce loss and improve efficiency. All the statistical data can be exported through the USB.


In ChexGo series, currently, there are 5 different models, which are CW-100G, CW-600G, CW-1.2K, CW-15K, CW-60K. CW-100G (weight range: 1-500g) is suitable for checking the packs' weight of medicine, snack food, cosmetics or skin care, etc. The highest speed is 300pcs/min, and the highest accuracy can be ±0.1g. CW-600G (weight range:5-600g) and CW-1.2K (weight range:10-1200g) can be used for checking the weight of small boxes/bags/bottles of food&beverage, pet foods, and so on. The highest speed can reach 150-200pcs/min, and the highest accuracy is ±0.5g. CW-15K (weight range:0.1-15kg) and CW-60K (weight range:0.1-60kg) are usually applied in logistics, chemicals, grains, or construction industries to check the weight of big pack products. The highest accuracy can reach ±10g. When the product is over or under the set weight range, it will be rejected by the rejection device, such as the air blow rejector, push-type rejector, swing arm rejector, etc.


With the affordable price and good quality, General Measure ChexGo checkweighers are applied to thousands of factories of different industries in domestic and overseas markets.