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Recognition Mr. Gurbuz Arici -- General Measure’s Partner in Turkey

Published: 2020-10-09 Article source:

Great sales achievement in Turkish market 2020 by Mr. Gurbuz Arici, with General Measure global expansion strategy - exclusive partnership.

With the attractive machinery technology and production capabilities, Turkey market is tracking by the General Measure for 2 years. Under this circumstance we met Mr. Gurbuz Arici last year who already had more than 20 years experience in Industrial Weighing both technical and commercial perspective and then started the collaboration with him.




In October, 2019, Jason, the CEO of General Measure, and Kirk, the International Sales Director visited Turkey. Mr. Gurbuz Arici planned a great business tour with them. Since then, an agreement on formal partner relationship has been established. Until now, the sale growth of 2020 in Turkish market is significantly rising than 2019. The Turkish clients are very happy to meet GM products and satisfied about quality and service.




GM global family as the core of General Measure’s culture, we are not only the business partners, but also the trust friends of each other. We appreciate Turkey partner’s hard work under this pandemic period.And we will keep working together to provide better products to Turkish market. We believe our partnership will add the value to Turkish Industrial Weighing Market for manufacturing of high precision, reliable and top quality Products.