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The Parameters Setting of GMT-H2

Published: 2023-09-14 Article source:


In this video, Genear Measure's technician will demonstrate how the set the GMT-H2's parameters, which include zeroing, tracking zero point, and stability criterion. First, we need to understand the basic parameters which include zeroing, tracking zero point, and stability criterion. 

  • Zeroing

Zeroing consists of "power-on zero range" and "clear range".

Both are within the percentage range of the maximum range.

1. Power-on zeroing: auto zeroing within the maximum weighing range

when the instrument is powered on.

2. Zeroing: manual zeroing during operation.

  • Tracking the Zero Point

Zero tracking consists of "zero tracking range" and "zero tracking time". During the zero tracking time, if the weight change is within the tracking range, the weight comes to zero when the time is up.

  • Stability Criterion

The stability criterion includes "stability range" and "stability time". During the stability time, if the weight change is within the stability range, we can say the result of weight is stable.

For operating steps, please check the video.

In the next video, we will show you How to set the preset point of GMT-H2. We will continue to bring videos of the latest products. Follow General Measure. See you in the next video!