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General Measure Brand New Update Checkweigher CW-100G Pro


General Measure designed a new checkweigher CW-100G Pro, which performs better than the old version. With the highest accuracy of ±0.1g, the highest speed of 300pcs/min, it is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.  


How to Remove the Limit Screws for Checkweigher


When you receive a checkweigher, but can not use it immediately. Why?
Check the video to start using the checkweigher easily.


General Measure 5 Types of Load Cell


General Measure robust and well-designed load cells are coming to the market. 5 different types of load cells are suitable for your different applications.


New Linear Feeder Packing Machine LF-5K


General Measure LF-5K is a linear feeder for granular materials and some powder materials.  LF-5K linear feeder has a wide weighing range from 0.25kg to 5kg with ±2~5g accuracy and 15pcs/min, which can be widely used in quantitative packaging machinery of grain, feed, chemical, rubber, and plastic industries. 


How to Setup a New General Measure Checkweigher


When you purchase a new General Measure checkweigher, and you are wondering how to set it up. Check this video for the details. General Measure ChexGo series check weighers are very handy, user-friendly, stable, and durable.


General Measure Participated Lithium Industry Technology Forum


General Measure Participated in 2nd China Lithium Battery & Materials Advanced Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, Check it out.