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Panel Mounted Weight Controller GMC-P7 For Packing/Bulk Scale/Batching Scale

Published: 2021-12-08 Article source:


General Measure launched a new touch screen weighing controller GMC-P7. It is designed for dynamic weighing applications. Multiple software can be selected for different equipment: single hopper packing machine; double hopper packing machine; reduce weight method packing machine; bulk scale and batching scale.

The brand-new GMC-P7 has a full metal case that provides better EMC protection and screen protection. A 3mm front panel with a rubber seal strip makes GMC-P7 fit the control box well, which improves the sealing and dust-proof performance. A superior MCU with quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 is used for fast images and data processing. 500mA over-current protection is added for the IO port.

GMC-P7 supports mouse and keyboard control by USB connection. It is convenient to operate when it is mounted in the anti-explosion box. In regards to communication methods, it supports RS232/RS485 and Modbus TCP.

General Measure provides a comprehensive range of weighing technology for packaging machine manufacturers and automation companies.