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2022 General Measure Clients’ Storytelling for Thanksgiving

Published: 2022-11-24 Article source:

2022 Thanksgiving is coming. General Measure launched a campaign for clients in China to tell the story between GM and themselves.


The story collection activity was finished on the 21st, and over a hundred comments have been received. Many General Measure's weighing indicators and check weigher application pictures and videos are shared. More than half clients have been cooperating with us for over 10 years. They trust General Measure, as well as our products and service.


Some clients mentioned that the stability of GM's product is good, some said the function is powerful, and most of the clients referred to the technical support service is impressive, even for clients overseas. As we prepare the English manual and instruction video, we also have distributor teams in many countries for the local service. They are ready to help you with sales and technical support issues.



Therefore, on this thanksgiving day, General Measure appreciates every distributor and client worldwide. Because of you, General Measure can grow together with all the clients.