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DIN Rail Mount Four-Channel Weighing Transmitter GMT-X4

Published: 2022-12-22 Article source:


GMT-X4 is a DIN rail-mounted weighing transmitter with four-channel. Each channel can connect up to 10 load cells with 350Ω. When one of the four channels’ load cells is damaged, GMT-X4 will automatically identify and give an alarm by displaying the alarm message on the screen. The zero point reset function can reset the zero point as the before data when power failure happens. It prevents damage and loss when power is cut off.


The stainless steel housing case makes it robust and durable. The abundant configuration choices provide a variety of combinations: RS485&RS232, Transistor I/O, Modbus TCP/IP or EtherNet/IP, ProfiNet or EtherCat, analog output, and CAN communication protocols.


Its compact design, stable performance, and easy operation make it powerful for various weighing applications, such as weight checking, loss-in-weight, liquid filling, batching, vessel and silo weighing, etc.


Small body but strong functions, GMT-X4 is the way of your choice.