Case Study

China Post Case -- GM8804C7 Dynamic Weighing Controller for DWS Integration

Published: 2019-08-13 Article source: 本站


In recent years, DWS information collection management system is widely used in the logistics industry. DWS (D-Dimension, W-Weighing, S-Scanning) is a smart devices with the feature of functional module combined, full-processed and one-stop service for dimension, weighing, scanning and other functions. General Measure entered the logistics industry successfully in 2015 by applying GM8804C7 to the weighing module of the DWS system for China Post. The equipment has been operating stably since then.



In the DWS system, GM8804C7 is responsible for the weight detection of package during dynamic processing, which highly requests the stability and data processing capabilities. At present, the standard speed of the domestic logistics (China) industry is 90m/min, and General Measure can increase the speed to 120m/min, while ensuring the accuracy of the weight during dynamic transmission (±10g), which effectively improves the process of product sorting for logistics company. Besides, all weighing data can be uploaded to the control center using a communication port to form a report, which facilitates the data accumulation, storage and analysis. In addition, In the China Post Guiyang field, General Measure’s weighing module in the DWS system passed all the tests and received good feedback: for packages with relatively uniform in weight specifications, the repeatability and consistency of check weighing were excellent.


The Advantage of General Measure’s Weighing Solution:

 • High processing power, high precision, and accurate weighing detection during dynamic transmission

 • Fast speed (up to 120m/min)

 • Excellent consistency of check-ability and repeat-ability.



According to iResearch's survey of the express delivery industry, by 2020, China's express delivery volume will reach 74 billion pieces (Figure 1), which means there will be the higher requirements for speed and efficiency of logistics sorting equipment. To address the high demands of the logistics industry for weight and speed, General Measure has been continuously improving products and upgrading services. For example, the new generation dual scale software can be embedded in weighing controller GM9907 to realize the control of two weighing platforms with different lengths simultaneously. Thus, the efficiency of logistics check weighing process can be highly improved. We believe our complete set of weighing solutions for the DWS system can add more value to our clients.



Figure 1: The Business Scale of China Logistic Industry during 2013-2020