Case Study

General Measure In-motion Checkweigher: Provide Cost Saving and Real Time Quality Management

Published: 2020-05-20 Article source: 本站


It is quite significant for some industry to recheck weight after production process, for quality, security and cost management, such as pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industry. To some extent, weight means security and money.

General Measure provides checkweigher with various weights scale, from 100g to 60kg, which fulfills the require of many different industry. In Indonesia, we have successfully applied our checkweigher CW-100G, CW-600G and CWOS-06K in certain famous cosmetics factory for weight checking on production end line, as a part of outgoing quality control, which assures the product’s quality and enhance the efficiency of OQC process.

One of the cosmetics factory in Indonesia faced some problems in their production process:

1. Auger filling without weighing results in fluctuating weights;

2. Inefficient manual recheck of weight;

3. High labor cost;

4. Manual daily report can not meet the real time reporting for management.

Thus, applying in-motion checkweigher seems quite important for them to improve efficiency of the production process and decrease the labor cost.

Considering the environment of their workshop and their product specification, they come out with some requirements:

• Rust free with S304 Structure Design;

• Accuracy within 0.3g;

• Production speed: 150 piece/min, saving labor cost;

• Automatic daily report to PC.

Whilst General Measure offers the Checkweigher CW-100G in special design with wind shield for avoiding the wind and vibration. The statistic report can be exported for daily data analysis and management, which is fulfill the clients demands.

No matter for what kind of cosmetics production line, bottles, boxes or masks, General Measure can offer the suitable checkweigher and solution to fit the requirement.