Case Study

GM9907 Double Hopper Bulk Scale Application

Published: 2021-05-26 Article source:


General Measure's GM9907 weighing controller was used on double hopper bulk scale application.

Bulk hopper scales used in the grain storage industry are usually for weighing incoming & outgoing grains. Besides, silo level tracking is widely used for loading trucks or railway cars according to order amounts.

One silo plant in Turkey used double hopper bulk scales for loading trucks according to order weights for deliveries. They used PLC, HMI, and basic transmitters with customized PLC software. But when they weigh trucks after loading with truck scale, there are around 200 – 300 kg differences between the two scales. It is a very problematic situation because they need to deliver trucks according to order, so trucks can turn back to the silo for loading or unloading grains.

Our Turkey partner recovered the system by applying GM9907 that controls double hopper scale work well without PLC. On loading tests, when we compared results between our controller and truck scale, the differences usually limited within 20 kg, and on usage maximum gap is 45kg after few weeks.

This application shows our professional weighing controller efficiency than PLC systems due to high-speed control and validated functions.

GM’s weighing controller GM9907 has 4 different software to choose from, which are packing application, reduce method packing application, bulk scale application, and batching system application if you have a similar application field feel free to contact us and test our products.