Case Study

Kyb Conmat (Manufacturer of RMC Plants) Case - Weighing Indicator M02

Published: 2019-09-17 Article source: 本站



Kyb Conmat is a Japanese Joint Venture company (India) who is Indian leading concrete enterprise manufacturing building and road construction machineries. They were using only Omron brand weight indicators for a very long time.

Product Requirement:

Due to some harsh environment that creating heave EMI on the field, kyb Conmat need the good quality weighing indicator to avoid unstable reading.  They have been trying several brand weighing indicators but haven’t found out the proper solution. Thus they are eager to acquire the indicator with stable performance and competitive price.

Our Solution:

General Measure’s Indian partner Prompt approached Kyb Conmat to introduce our weighing indicator M02 with consistent stability in harsh environment, which arouse their interests in our product. Therefore, they were very pleased to had field trials for more than a year and convinced by our indicator’s superior performance. After satisfactory results, Kyb Conmat decided to purchase M02 from our Indian partner. They also wanted us to match the features of M02 to some top brand’s model, like Omron and Mettler Toledo, which we did. Moreover, The outer case of General Measure’s weighing Indicator M02 is aluminium, which is a big extra value for them according to the Kyb Conmat.  Thus, Kyb Conmat finally decided to purchase order on a large scale from General Measure’s Indian partner.