Case Study

Panasonic Case - General Measure's Checkweigher in Identifying Defects

Published: 2019-09-10 Article source: 本站



Anchor Panasonic (India) were facing a problem that their products like electrical switches were sometimes getting packed without the nuts and screws.

Product Requirement:

Each pack is 18g to 30g. To check and control this, Anchor Panasonic wanted to buy a checkweigher with high precision of 0.2gram to identify switches which were packed without nuts and screws.

Our Solution:

Competitors such as Ishida and Mettler approached them with their solution. General Measure’s Indian partner (Prompt) also approached them aggressively with GM’s checkweighers in 100g capacity and suggested Anchor Panasonic to visit and take them on trial. With similar capacity as required by Anchor, in a nearby company, Anchor Panasonic visit the product and found the exactly same performance as per their requirement: the speed reaches 60 to 70 pieces per minute, and the accuracy within 0.2gram. They also received positive reviews from the our existing customer, which endorsed our checkweigher. After visiting, they placed the order with our Indian partner to take a trial. After testing our checkweigher for few months, they found the checkweigher can precisely identify which pack is lack of items. On finding the results of the checkweigher satisfactory, Anchor Panasonic is releasing the order of more than 10 checkweighers.

Benefits to the Customer:

They are now able to check if there are missing nuts and screws in the electrical switches in the pack and are able to avoid problems faced by the customer.