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General Measure Brand New Update Checkweigher CW-100G Pro

Published: 2022-09-22 Article source:

General Measure designed a new checkweigher CW-100G Pro, which performs better than the old version. With the highest accuracy of ±0.1g, the highest speed of 300pcs/min, it is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.  


The checkweighing control box is designed in the house, with 30 years of designing and manufacturing weighing controllers. A 15-inch touch screen shows the operation interface more clearly. The whole stainless steel mechanical design builds a robust checkweigher. The core components are all from the famous brand, such as HBM load cell, FESTO solenoid valve, Schneider electronic, XINJE servo motor, and so on, which ensure stable and durable performance.


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