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General Measure Won On Weighing Review Awards 2024

Published: 2024-04-18 Article source:

To all dear clients, thank you for voting for General Measure on the Weighing Review Awards 2024. We are happy to share with you that General Measure won three categories:

Category Company/Product
Best Weighing Companies (3rd Place) Genereal Measure
Best Weighing Instrumentation Genereal Measure GMT-X4
Best Dosing, Filling and Packaging Solutions General Measure AF-01K II

Four-Channel Weighing Indicator General Measure GMT-X4

GMT-X4 is a DIN rail-mounted weighing transmitter with four-channel. When one of the four channels' load cells is damaged, GMT-X4 will automatically identify and give an alarm message on the screen. It has a compact design, stable performance, and easy operation, which can be used for various weighing applications, such as weight checking, loss-in-weight, liquid filling, batching, vessel and silo weighing, etc.

There are two modes: one is with four individual AD working separately; the other one is a four-channel combination mode, that is, a weighing indicator with an intelligent junction box built in can easily monitor the defaulted load cell. The main display of the combination mode shows the total weight up to 6 digits. It also has four-channel weights display and the simultaneous millivolt display.

Hardware Highlights

  1. Stainless steel housing with compact design(62X134X128mm);
  2. Different configuration choices, a variety of combinations;
  3. Standard: ① 4-channel of 6-wire load cell interfaces; ② RS485&RS232; ③ 4 Input 8 Output transistor I/O;
  4. Option1: Modbus TCP /IP or EtherNet/IP or ProfiNet or EtherCat or CCLink IE;
  5. Option2: 4 analog output;
  6. Option3: 1 CANopen interface; 

     (Option1,2,3 can be selected at the same time)

High-Speed Dual Packing Filler General Measure AF-01K II

A high-speed dual packing filler AF-01K II for packing the granular materials from 50g to 1kg. The speed can reach 3600pcs/h and the accuracy is ±2g. It's suitable for various kinds of granules like rice, beans, coffee beans, millet, salt, sugar, and so on. The great performance makes it ideal for the replacement of multi-head combination packing machines and volumetric method packing machines, which improves production efficiency and quality and reduces costs.

Step motor plus vibrator feeding-type and pneumatic discharging-type guarantee the stable while speedy packing. The smart algorithm supports a self-adjust function with a target value set only. Then the machine will automatically optimize the packing weight approaching the target by adjusting fast feeding, vibrator feeding, or other mechanical parts, which is quite easy to operate.