Case Study

Ali Express Sorting Center - Checkweigher C101-15K Application

Published: 2019-09-05 Article source: 本站


In-motion checkweigher can be used in a wide range of applications, such as logistics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical industry. For logistics industry, General Measure’s checkweigher C101-15K is currently applied in the Alibaba International Express sorting center in Shenzhen and Shanghai.



Since 2017, General Measure has entered the logistics industry. The dynamic checkweigher within 15KG weighing range of is used in the sorting line of the Alibaba Overseas Express Center. Combined with the scanning function, the sorting system classifies the goods by weight and region. Whilst the weight obtained can be also used for the calculation of freight. Generally, owing to long-distance, oversea e-commerce enterprise pays more attention to the freight calculation, which makes weight accuracy of the package significant for our clients. Thus they have chosen General Measure’s checkweigher due to its high precision. 

Before deploying our equipment, they used a static manual weighing platform requiring manual transfer of the courier, which is time waste and inefficient. When using our automatic dynamic checkweigher, they found the time of sorting is shortened, the labor cost is saved, and the checked weight of the package is more accurate. It reduces the freight loss and improve the sorting efficiency, which greatly optimize the resource and increases the revenue.

The Advantage of C101-15K

• High Speed -  over 3000 pieces/hour

• High Precision - within ±2g

• High Efficiency - twice faster than manual process