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GM ChexGo CW-15K Checkweigher

In Motion Checkweigher for 0.1kg-15kg with high demand for many industries

CW-15K, automatic high precision checkweigher are ideally suitable for food & beverage, fruit & vegetable, fodder, chemical industries and so forth. By deploying CW-15K, you can reduce the waste of product materials and save the cost for manufacturing.

  • IP 65

    IP 65

  • Man Machine Design

    Man Machine Design

  • High Accuracy

    High Accuracy

  • Anti-Vibration


  • EMC Testing Passed

    EMC Testing Passed

  • CE Approve

    CE Approve

  • Advanced Digital Filtering

    Advanced Digital Filtering


User Friendly

  • High visibility 10inch TFT screen with graphic user interface
  • Automatic measuring time adjustment
  • Making product identification fast and simple

Flexible Product Adjustment

  • Bag or package weighing up to 15kg
  • Anti-vibration legs with height adjustment
  • Easy integration in almost every production line

Effective Product with High Accuracy

  • Statistics programs for evaluation
  • Continuously variable belt speed control
  • Excellent accuracy, especially with flexible packing
  • 1,000,000pcs weight value for production statistics

Developed Functionality

  • Data storage and data printout ready
  • Multi-product memory

Robust and Safety Design

  • Belt approved for food processing (FDA)
  • Strong mile steel structure, stainless steel
  • Access protection by password
  • Buzzer and Lamp alarming






Products recommendation

GM ChexGo CW-100G Checkweigher

GM ChexGo CW-100G Checkweigher

CW-100G, an automatic check weigher is made of premium stainless steel complying with the newest electrical safety regulations, which meets the highest demands for safety, easy usage, and simple maintenance in the pharmaceutical industry.

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GM ChexGo CW-600G Checkweigher

GM ChexGo CW-600G Checkweigher

This checkweigher can be well deployed in snack, food, toy and other industrial applications. It provides real-time data to the production line which can monitor manufacturing process well.

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GM ChexGo CW-1.2K Checkweigher

GM ChexGo CW-1.2K Checkweigher

This checkweigher are suitable for food, beverage, fruit, vegetable, fodder, chemical industries etc

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GM ChexGo CW-15K Checkweigher

GM ChexGo CW-15K Checkweigher

CW-15K, automatic high precision checkweigher are ideally suitable for food & beverage, fruit & vegetable, fodder, chemical industries and so forth.

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GM ChexGo CW-60K Checkweigher

GM ChexGo CW-60K Checkweigher

CW-60K, an automatic checkweigher integrated the new dynamic weighing technology offers a high precision solution in weighing system

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GM ChexGo CW-100G Pro Checkweigher

GM ChexGo CW-100G Pro Checkweigher

A brand new updated checkweigher CW-100G Pro is made of premium stainless steel, which meets the demands for safety, high accuracy, and high speed. It is easy to use, and simple to maintain in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

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