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M04 Boot Screen Update Instruction – By USB

Published: 2019-08-15 Article source: 本站

1.      Create a new "M04" folder for M04-2 in the USB;

Save the new boot screen file named “M04-Logo.bmp” (Resolution ratio: 800*480) into this folder;

Plug the USB into the port of M04, There is a “System Tips” windows popping up on the main screen automatically, showing “Button: 1-Update firmware, 2-Change Logo screen, Esc-Cancel”.

As the following picture1 shows (M04-2):


Picture1: System Tips Window


2.      Press 2 then the “Sys-Tips” will give a warning that continue changing or not.

As follows:


Picture2: System Tips Window2


3.      Press Enter, if there is no proper file in the USB, the screen will prompt ” No new Logo screen pic found”, please double check if there is a New boot screen pic for M04-2 in USB. If the system found the proper picture, it will upload the pic automatically. Within few seconds, the firmware will upgraded completely with restart.

Picture3: No New Logo Screen Pic Found

Picture4-6: Boot Screen Progress