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Upgrading Weighing Controller GM9907 Series with Various Application Software

Published: 2021-03-30 Article source:

GM9907 touch screen weighing controller is upgrading with various application software to fulfill the weighing control process in packing(GM9907-L2/LD), reduce method packing(GM9907-L4), bulk scale(GM9907-L5), and batching system(GM9907-LB).

The upgrading features of the brand new GM9907:

1. More applications software are coming out for reduce method Packing, Bulk Scale, and Batching, There are different types of the home screen for different applications.

2. A clearer interface with module design helps users to operate easily. Screen saver displaying after the set time can show the key data visually.



3. Easy operation functions make the controller more user-friendly. For example, We design the multi-user login switching for better managing the production line. If there are several operators in one production line, each of them has his/her own working data. The production line manager can review their working data and analyse working efficiency easily. It is inevitable that humans make some mistakes when operating the controller. In this situation, the misoperation reminder will pop up to give the tips.



4. Intelligent function design brings users a smarter operation experience. For instance, the self-adaptive function will adjust the packing machine to work with optimal performance by self-learning and smart feeding algorithm. Also, all the data can be export via USB.



Above are the common features for all GM9907 controllers. For different models of this controller, it has special features links to each application.

GM9907-L2/LD is the single/double hopper packing controller that can be widely used in rice, grain, feeds, seeds and chemical industry, etc. GM9907-4 is designed for Loss-in-weight bagging machines. It can be widely used in rice, grains, feeds, chemical industry, etc. GM9907-L5 is designed for bulk scale to solve the problem of batch weight and automatic totalizing of incoming and outgoing material. It can be used widely used in chemical, grain, feeds, construction and harbor logistics industry, etc. GM9907-LB is designed for batching scale that can sort feeding orders of a variety of materials. It can be widely used in concrete mixing, bituminous mixing, metallurgy, chemical, feeds industry, etc. We welcome you to explore more features of GM9907 on